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  • SBA Management

    With education and experience in early childhood care
  • School Board

  • The governance of Smart Bilingual Academy is entrusted to a 7-person school board. Included on the board are two Islamic Scholars who will ensure that the policies governing the school adhere to Sharia. The founder of SBA and members of the Li Wajhillah Charity are also represented on the Board. The Board will formulate policies regarding staff, students, and curriculum. They will determine the expenditure of school surplus as well as staffing needs. 

  • School Staff

  • The school is headed by a Principal, who is an experienced administrator with a background in education. She is responsible for implementing policies and ensuring smooth daily operation of the school. She is assisted by guides who are experienced educators with Montessori training for the different age groups. A cleaner and caretaker complete the modest outfit.